Thursday, 27 November 2014

Immediate mailing campaign

Below is reference mail which you can edit on your own & send.

Reference Format of mail can be found on :

How can I send?
--> By Mail on mail address
--> By Fax
--> By Post

How many copies I can send?
--> As many as you wants.

Where to send ?

Narendra Modi
7, Race Course Road,
New Delhi-110011

Prime Minister's Office
South Block, Raisina Hill
New Delhi-110011
Phone No: +91-11-23012312
Fax: +91-11-23019545, 23016857

President of India
The President's Secretariat
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi,110 004.
Phone: 011-23015321
Fax : 011-23017290/011-23017824

Rajnath Singh
38, Ashoka Road
New Delhi - 110 001
Mail id:
Fax No: +91 11 23094221 (Fax)   
Tels. (011) 23354184, 23353881

Vice president of Indiia
Vice President's House, 6, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi - 110 011
Phone: 011-23016422, 23016344

Sadanand Gowda
1, Tyagraj Marg,New Delhi - 110 011
Mail id :
Tels. (011) 23795006, 9868180269 (M)
Mobile : 9448123249
Fax no: +91 11 23384241,23387259

mail id :

Saturday, 23 November 2013

RTI to PF Office to get ex's PF info

To send below RTI application & get required info with this application, you need to know your ex's Company where Smt 498a works so that you can search the online transaction ID & name of Smt 498a so that you can get info within 40 days.

Go to following site :

1) Search for Company 
2) Once you get Company name, click on Payment options
3) On new page yo will find Transactions done per month basis
4) Click on transactions & find out name of your ex
5) take print of same & send it along with RTI Applications

RTI Application

Bhavishya nidhi Bhavan

Subject: Request for information through RTI Act 2005

Sir / Madam,

  1. Name Of the Applicant:            XXXXXXXXXX
  2. Address for Communication:   XXXXXXXXXXX

    I wish to inform your kind perusal that, my wife Smt 498a have filed a maintenance case against me, in which she have claimed that, “she is not working anywhere”, as per my information she is very well working in XXXXX company, as her EPF is crediting by her employer every month in your EPF office / department, Because her employer XXXXXXX deposits EPF of their employees.

    In view of above I humbly request you to furnish me the following information through the RTI Act 2005, in the interest of justice.

    A. Kindly provide me the details of the EPF A/c i.e. EPF A/c No. & EPF A/c Statement of Smt. 498a, from date of opening of account to till date.

Request / Relief sought:

a) The maintenance case CRPC 125 is registered in Hon’ble Family Court in XXXX.

b) The undersigned financial interest is affected in the matter, so undersigned is seeking legal relief from the Court.

c) The disclosure of financial details, mainly employment details of Smt 498a would surely help me to show my innocence in court.

d) The disclosure of information sought is, therefore, in larger public interest. The information should therefore be provided.

e) BECAUSE, With Reference to CIC Decision No CIC/SG/A/2009/000106/3889 27 June 2009 in the case of Deep Public School D2, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi (The Commission has perused the information and does not see any merit in the exemption claimed under Section 8(1)(j) by the Chairman of the School-the third party. In view of this the information will have to be provided.)

f) BECAUSE, with reference to CIC Decision No CIC/AD/A/09/00366 Dated 4th May,2009(In this case Wife/Appellant asked certified copies of all documents of passport file including marriage certificate and application form as submitted in passport office. CPIO denied as per sec 8 (1)(j) CIC directed CPIO to provide information with remark Information being sought is not a thirt party information since the appellant is seeking information about hir leaglly wedded husband.

h) BECAUSE, with reference to CIC Decision No 3774/IC(A)2009 F.No CIC/MA/A/2009/000102 Dated 18th March,2009: ( In this matter wife asked information about her husbands medical expenses, service record etc CPIO denied citing section 8 1(J) . Honorable IC M.M.Ansari directed the CPIO to provide all information citing Since appellant is legally married wife with a child and has asked for details about her husband, there is no justification in withholding any part of information to the appellant as it would assist in resolving the issue by the competent authorityAs long as couple is not legally seperated refusal to share information untenable.

i) BECAUSE, with reference to CIC Decision No 1816/IC/(A)/2008 F.No. CIC/MA/A/2007/00583 Dated 10th Jan,2008(In this matter husband asked PF detail of wife. CPIO denied citing section 8(1)(j) .CIC directed CPIO to provide information to husband with remark The appellants financial interest is affected in the matter, as he is seeking legal relief from the court

j) BECAUSE, with reference to CIC Decision No 2993IC(A)/2008 F. NO. CIC/MA/A/2008/00866 Dated 5th Aug. 2008 (In this case Wife asked whereabouts/residential Address of her husband working in ONGC,CPIO denied citing sec 8(1)(j) .CIC directed to provide information.

Initial fee of Rs10/- in the way of Postal Order of Rs10/- bearing serial number _____________ has been enclosed with application as prescribed under Right to Information Rules 2005.

It is requested that, the applicant is a citizen of India, would like to receive the above said information at most urgent on the address mentioned below. For any clarification contact undersigned at address given below.

It is submitted that, the above information pertains to your esteemed office in your statutory capacity as CAPIO under section 5 (1) of RTI Act read with 5(4) and 5(5) of the RTI Act, 2005.

Undersigned is ready to pay processing fee (if any) required to furnish above said information.

Now, at the end, I may reasonably expect that, honorable PIO will honor the decisions of CIC as stated above while making decision on this RTI application so that, at least the wastage of time of higher authorities in further proceedings and Legal hassle could be avoided in appeal while discussing the same matter.

Thanking You,
With Best Regards,

Address Details:
  1. EPFO Employee details, Under transaction Id                               PF deposited by XXXXXX to the Smt 498a.
  2. Estt. Information of XXXX company